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11846791_10152878801931899_5984892989348940081_nHello, and welcome to Kuratory, a place for curiosity and great stories, inspiring excitement and inspiration particularly about the humanities and history.

Here are the guiding principles under which I operate:

– Learning about human expression through music, artifacts, writings, and the arts help us to understand ourselves, build empathy, and bring us closer to humanity.  This should pretty much interest everyone, no matter who you are or what you do.

– These subjects are alive, continuously changing and growing, and available right now to tell their stories if we take the time and space to listen.

I typically blog 4 times a week on topics including early music, travel, books, and various random fun topics including my life in Spain or random historical tidbits.

About Heather

I’m not a professional historian.  I am, however, passionate about history, especially medieval and Renaissance English History.  It’s a passion I’ve nurtured my entire life.

Almost 20 years ago I set up the internet’s first website dedicated to studying Colonial history, a site called the Colonial American Gazette.   I started my first blog in 2002 – a recent one I kept from 2007-now is on blogger.  In 2009 I began a podcast on Renaissance English History which now is downloaded over 4,000 times each day.   I also recently started a youtube series called the Tudor Minute with bits and bites of Tudor history delivered four times a week on average.

Professionally, I spent a decade at California’s largest library consortium, as Assistant Director for several years, and I am an expert on eBooks in libraries. I am now living in Andalusia, Spain, focusing full time on writing, consulting, and building a tour company specializing in history tours of England.

I’ve lived in 4 states and 3 countries.  I like gel pens (especially the ones with needle points), long flights, Christmas choral music all year long, cinnamon pumpkin candles, libraries, wandering around strange cities, and airports.  I have a 2 year old baby girl called Hannah Zen.  I’m married to Jonathan.  I’m into not owning a lot of stuff so I can easily pick up and travel.

About this blog

This blog started as a project from The Artist’s Way.   I was imagining other lives I would like to live, and one of those was either a museum curator or a store owner.  Both appealed to my desire to collect my favorite things around me, and then share them with others.  It’s a little difficult to build a physical Museum of Heather’s Passions, but I could build a blog dedicated to collecting and sharing the subjects I loved.

I bought the domain name kuratory.com because it combined curate, curiosity, and story; and the version spelled correctly wasn’t available.  And I think it looks funky.

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Thank you for reading and sharing your own curiosity and stories!

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